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always evolving, blending traditional and avant-garde cuisine with an innovative twist


Faithful to the island’s traditional cuisine, he uses market produce, fresh fish, rice dishes, meat, vegetables and a wide range of broths in his dishes through “enogastronomy”

Pedro Santana

Immersed in the kitchen since he was a child in the family restaurant “Casa Brígida” which he started to manage as a restaurateur since 2007 together with his other gastronomic projects taking the flavour of the island of Lanzarote beyond our borders with projects such as “Saborea Lanzarote” or “Cocina del Puerto”.

The Casa Brigida Restaurant was an outstanding family restaurant of traditional Canarian cuisine specialising in seafood and market cuisine. Loyal to the product and tradition, Pedro Santana knew how to renew, interpret and bring creativity to the popular recipes. From 2007 to 2022, Cocina del Puerto continued to manage both restaurants located in Playa Blanca, a stone’s throw from Fuerteventura by ferry from Lanzarote.

Seafood cuisine specialising in fish, rice dishes and excellent grilled meats.

Our cuisine is characterised by fresh market produce and excellent wines from the island, always in continuous updating and direct contact with the producers.

We cook with the utmost care, so we prepare our menu according to the market produce because we believe that the use of top quality raw materials, the care in the preparation of our dishes, the presentation and an appropriate service are the best way to surprise and take care of our guests.

Come and taste “Lanzarote” in our dishes and broths.

Salad tribute to the canneries of Lanzarote

sweet potato stalks of tuneras and sardines in oil